Mallorca Wine Trail (Wineries Visited)

Follow us on our Mallorca Wine Trail!

Mallorca Wine Trail


Bodega Son Bordils
Wine with character, consistently good and modestly priced”

logo son bordils
Visit   /  Tasting


Ca’n Pico
“Preserving a rich history and deep passion in a bottle”

logo Can Pico
   /  Tasting
Location: Banyalbufar


Bodega Son Vives
“Millionaire views paired with artisanal winemaking techniques”

Son Vives logo
   /  Tasting
Location: Banyalbufar


Bodega Es Verger
Hidden away in a mountain valley – this precious jewel
is worth every second spent searching for it.”

Es Verger Logo
    /   Tasting
Location:   Esporles


Bodegas Macia Batle
Where Wine meets Art, a perfect pairing.”

Macia batle logo
   /   Tasting
Location: Santa Maria


Bodega Jose Ferrer
“Deep rooted tradition, with modern innovation.”

Jose Ferrer Logo
   /   Tasting
Location: Binissalem


Bodega Ribas
Passion and dedication in a coupage of creativity and unforgettable wines”

Ribas logo
Visit    /   Tasting


Vins Miquel Gelabert
Artisanal techniques and ingenuity create a spectrum for the palate.”

miquel gelebert logo
 / Tasting
Location:  Manacor


Cellar Pere Seda
Industrious winery emphasizes local grapes at peoples’ prices.”

Pere Seda Logo
Visit   /  Tasting


ANA Vins
Simplicity, four excellent wines give this charming young winery a stable foundation.”

Ana Vins logo
Visit   /   Tasting
Location: Binissalem


Bodegas Angel
Where passion and expertise meet – consistently dry wines to the owner’s taste.”

Angel Bodega logo
Visit    /   Tasting
Location: Binissalem


Vins Ca’n Novell
“Authentic Mallorcan wine, good quality everyone can afford.”

Vins Can Novell logo
Visit   /   Tasting
Location: Binissalem


Castell Miquel
“Where science meets wine – a Stairway to Heaven”

Castell Miquel Logo
Visit   /   Tasting
Location: Alaro


Jaume Puntirò
“Organic wines with character and artisanal artistry!”

Jaume Puntiro logo

Visit   /   Tasting
Location: Santa Maria


Son Prim
“Excellence through passion and commitment to each varietal”

son prim logo

Visit   /   Tasting
Location: Sencelles


Miquel Oliver
“4th generation winemaking brings contemporary standards to a fine tradition!”

Miquel Oliver logo

Visit   /   Tasting
Location: Petra


Vins Toni Gelabert
“Following the moon’s cycles, superb organic wine from Manacor.”

Toni Gelabert Logo

Visit   /   Tasting
Location: Manacor

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