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Ribas Blanc 2014

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Sio 2013
Ribas Negre 2012

Ribas tasting

Wine tasting at Bodega Ribas is really like going over to a good family friends’ place. It is a loving and welcoming environment. Even though it is one of the oldest wineries on the island, you feel their desire to evolve with the times and keep current. It is a wonderful juxtaposition. They are driven to perfection and dedicated to the Mallorcan authentic grapes. A must on the Mallorcan Wine Trail!

Ribas Blanc 2014
Grapes: Prensal Blanc 87%
Viognier 13%

Ribas Blanc

Tawnee: This is a beautiful colored white-fresh, delicate and clean. It is summer sunshine in a glass. It is a great combination of sweetness and citrus flavors, perfect for sipping on the patio while watching the kids or for combining with a great summer lunch of rice and fish.

Merie: The Ribas 2014 is a fresh, light, clean and crisp young white wine. The grapes are harvested by hand, and then again hand culled for perfect quality. They are gently pressed at low pressure before a long fermentation in Stainless Steel tanks at low temperatures to retain the subtle aromas of these unique grapes. The wine is 12.5% alcohol in strength. Enologist Araceli helped us understand the aromas: Prensal Blanc gives a delicious white fruit and citrus nose. The taste was crisp, and white-fruit, like pear and citrus, with a slight desirable-bitterness. Our guide Sylvia told us the Viognier gives characteristic complexity and smoothness as a balance and complement to the bright Prensal Blanc.

Sio Negre 2013
Grapes: Manto Negro 50%
Syrah 25%
Cabernet Sauvignon 15%
Merlot 10%

Ribas Sio

Tawnee: There is something beautiful knowing that a bodega honors their heritage, and this line of wines is named after the grandmother of the family Ribas – Concepsio thus Sio! This was my favorite wine we tasted. A very bold wine, it fills the mouth as a deep rich smooth velvety carpet unrolls for royalty. There is a hint of sweetness that mixes with some spice that makes it a perfect compliment. This wine is a great combination for grilled meats either on the BBQ or on the open fire.

Merie: Next Sylvia poured the Sio Nerge 2013. What a marvelous wine! Sio is aged 12 months in Oak barrel: 50% in new French oak, and 50% in second year French oak after it has aged their Ribas de Cabrerra wine! These vintners really know how to delicately weave their magic! Sylvia opened a new bottle for us and it needed to breathe; but then as the tannins softened, a great, complex flavor developed. The aromas were of ripe black fruit and spices, and the flavors almost tobacco and later to chocolate; Stunning!  Araceli told us that in her view the 2013 was not quite ready – that the 2012 would be better now.

Ribas Negre 2012
Grapes: Manto Negro 50%
Merlot 25%
Syrah 20%
Cabernet Sauvignon 5%

Ribas Negre

Tawnee: The Ribas Negre 2012 has a beautiful deep red cherry color. The aromas match the color being full of red and black berries. This is an excellent stable wine that has just the right amount of tannins.  A great compliment to a long lunch. Great for combining with lamb chops or rabbit in the autumn or winter.

Merie: Last, Sylvia poured the Ribas Negre 2012. It is aged 12 months in oak barrel: 75% French oak and 25% American oak for the different flavors they provide. It has 14.5% alcohol strength. Again, these grapes are all hand picked and then further hand selected. The fermentation is at a moderate temperature to preserve the desired aromas of red fruit from the Manto Negro, and the smooth tannins of the other grapes. The aromas are rich but light, almost chocolate, oh I was stretching to figure this out! I DID know that the flavor of this wine is so good, robust but not forceful. A true gem. Aracelli tried a taste and quieted: as today is unbelievably hot, she felt it had over-opened in our glasses – but I thought it was perfect.

Note: Because it was sold out we didn’t get to taste their signature red: Ribas de Cabrera 2012 which is 55% Manto Negro, 40% Syrah, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, and aged 12 mo in 100% new French oak.

Desconfio de la gente

As we paid for the bottles of wine and T-shirts we had decided to buy, we noticed a special edition wine they made this year called: “Desconfio de la Gente que No Bebe.”   The English translation: “I Don’t Trust Anyone Who Doesn’t Drink.”   It has a unique label with a skeleton sitting in a chair and takes its inspiration from Humphrey Bogart.  We couldn’t resist. We splurged and decided to buy it. It is a first year vintage and is Ribas’ tribute to the Manto Negro grape:  95% Manto Negro and 5% other grapes. There has been a lot of controversy over the Manto Negro grape as it can be a difficult grape and some think it cannot stand alone.  Well, Ribas took the challenge and has created this rare wine. We look forward to uncorking it on a special occasion that will do honor to the passion and dedication to making this wine.

Ribas thank you
Thank You Sylvia and Araceli!

See Bodega Ribas Visit: Click Here

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