Es Verger Winery Visit

“Hidden away in a mountain valley, this precious jewel is worth every second spent searching for it.”

Es Verger Logo
Esporles, Mallorca Spain

The award winning Es Verger is a small, privately owned and run boutique winery. They have 7 hectares of vineyards on this magical mountain property, and all production is done on site.  Originally planted in 1995, the first wines went to market in 2001. They produce approximately 15,000 bottles per year; their wine is certified organic, and sold primarily to an international market and fine local restaurants. They produce 3 reds, a rosé, and a very special sweet white.

Bodega Es Verger Vineyard

So, after we left Celler Son Vives, we called Es Verger to see if they were open, since we had to drive through Esporles anyway to get out of the mountains. Friday night – 5:30 – what are the chances? A man answers the phone “Sure, come on over… I’m here.” And we are off to the next Winery!

Es Verger is situated way up in the Tramuntana hills above Esporles, accessed only by a small, beautiful, and winding road with hidden or invisible street signs. After a few more phone calls – in Spanish of course – we get directions by landmark: “In direction Palma, third right after the plaza, climb, wind, until the big tree in the middle of the road… then…” Unsure if we were on the right road the entire time… looking at the clock and thinking perhaps we don’t have time for this… and then, 4.5km winding through the mountain… there he is – the man on the other end of the phone – waving us down to stop at his gorgeous stone walled vineyard.  It felt like we were in a summer dream…

Bodega Es Verger bodega

Miguel, the owner and vintner, welcomed us onto his property through his stone pillared gate. Lean, tan, white haired and wearing shorts and a loose, pressed white cotton shirt, he walked us past his beautiful vine covered home amidst gentle sounds of young voices and tapping earthen kitchenware, and to the adjoining Bodega. Inside, the cool air greeted us, and the now familiar steel fermenting tanks lined one wall as we passed through to the tasting area. The first thing we notice were all the awards and certificates that are proudly, yet discretely, framed on the wall. For some strange reason, this did not mean anything to us, and we had no expectations before the tasting. Surrounded by maturing bottles, and speaking to us only in Spanish, Miguel brought out 5 bottles of wine, two glasses, and an elegant small bottle of light virgin olive oil.

Bodega Es Verger tasting

Pouring the first taste, Miguel starts telling us about his wine and how he makes it. He started the vineyard out of passion and interest, and only wants to make good wine. Producing around 15,000 bottles per year, they are mostly exported, or sold in high-class restaurants on the island and to private clients. After the first taste we love it! It is clear that this is his passion and that he makes the wine that he wants to drink. While we tasted, his daughters appeared, earnest and beaming, bringing rock salt and sliced rustic bread to frame the home pressed oil that is also for sale. The oil was lovely, light and delicate, a very welcome addition to the tasting and delicious! We tried four of the five bottles of wine; the only one we didn’t try is the Pinot Noir, because of demand it has sold out.

Bodega Es Verger Bottles

Please see our tasting notes for more detail on the wines.

Trying to let Miguel get back to his family, we asked him to show us his vineyards on the way back to our car. We walked along the stunningly healthy vines planted carefully in their lines, all certified and organically tended. Miguel explained that they plant their rows farther apart than standard because of the mountainous terrain, and the sun and air between the rows largely prevents disease. He told us more sun produces thicker skin, thus more flavor and tannins, becoming full bodied in fermentation.  Tannins are textural, and the perfect astringency in the mouth seems to make a wine ‘taste dry.’   8-10 days steeping with the skins creates the flavor; the ripe inside fruit providing the water and sugar for successful fermentation.

All Es Verger wines are produced thoughtfully, with high personal standards, and are ecologically tended and certified organic = subject to the strict regulations of the Island Council’s CBPAE body (Consell Balear Regulador de l’Agricultura Ecològica).  These delicious wines deserve the recognition received, and our tasting visit was characteristic of the quality at Es Verger … a summer dream come true!

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A desire for perfection
A jewel of Mallorca

Es Verger MapHow to get there: When you come from Palma to Esporles, you will see a sign for Es Verger on the left. Take that turn and follow the road for 4.5km. It is a long winding road out of town. Keep driving until you get to a tree in the middle of the road. At this fork take the left where it says Es Verger.

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Es Verger Wine Tasting

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Wines Tasted:

 ◊   1 white   ◊

Fita del Ram 2010

◊ 1 Rose ◊


◊   2 Reds   ◊

Ses Marjades 2008
Els Rojals 2010

Bodega Es Verger_7-3-15_#2

Es Verger pays attention to detail. They put quality before quantity and have set the standards high being an organic winery. We tasted four of the bottles available, because their Pinot Noir is a specialty wine that Miguel produces only in small quantities when the harvest is good enough for his standards. The bottle in this picture was the last one from the year, the rest of the stock sold out. He has very loyal clients internationally and also from the island’s first class restaurants. We learned all his red wines are aged in French oak. All processing is done on this land and in the tasting cellar we were in. It is a beautiful small scale family production with exquisite results.

Fit del Ram 2010
Grapes: Viognier

es verger fita del ram

Tawnee: The Fita del Ram was a sweet delicious wine. Perfectly refreshing on a hot day! It had fruity aromas and was fresh and smooth. I think it would be great after a meal instead of dessert!

Merie: We started with the Fita Del Ram, made from Viognier grapes. I don’t drink sweet wines normally, but this was light and delicious, with a smooth honey-like texture. I bought a bottle of this treat for a dear friend of mine who grows Viognier in Napa, secretly hoping he’ll bring it out for our band of friends!

Grapes: Mante Negro 100%


Tawnee: Wonderful summer wine. I love that it is made with 100% Mante Negro grapes. It is a true native Mallorcan delicate wine with a name to match the feeling it gives you.

Merie: Next Miguel poured their rosé, Sensual, made from Manto Negro grapes. I don’t normally drink rosé wines either, yet found this one extremely drinkable, fresh and lightly dry. If you haven’t liked rosés, rethink with this!

Els Rojals 2010
Grapes: Manto Negro
Cabernet Sauvignon

Els Rojals

Tawnee: This wine is delicious organic Mallorcan wine. You can taste the passion and attention to detail when you drink it. I think it would be lovely with a steak and mashed potatoes.

Merie: On to Els Rojals, their “everyday red” and a Manto Negro, Cabernet and Merlot blend. I would drink it every day too and found it really well balanced, thorough, smooth, and full-bodied. I loved this ‘modest table wine,’ and proudly bought a bottle for my Uncle who lives in the central California Santa Ynez Valley and has no shortage of good wine!

Ses Marjades 2008
Grapes: Manto Negro
Cabernet Sauvignon

Ses Marjades

This is an incredible wine! I just love it! I have re-named it the the black pearl because it is like the sea at night that flows smoothly and luxuriously over your tongue when you taste it. It was delicious on its own, but I can only imagine it with a good red meat. Divine. I bought a bottle immediately.

Merie: The label name Ses Marjades means the [stone] terraces – for which Mallorca is famous. Aged in new French oak casks, this is the award winning red for the special occasion. Made from Manto Negro, Cabernet and Merlot grapes, Miguel called the flavor “larga” and advised to let it breath in a wide mouthed glass container 20 min. In fact it is not a pretentious or overly serious wine, it is very balanced and complex, and perfect to honor one’s guests with.

EV Sign crop

Thank you Miguel!

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