Son Prim Wines Tasted

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Wines Tasted:

¸◊   1 White   ◊

Blanc de Merlot 2012

◊   1 Rosé   ◊

Rossat 2013

◊   4 Reds   ◊

Merlot 2012
Syrah 2012
Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Cup 2013

Son Prim_7-29-15_#29

This is a red skinned grape bodega! Every bottle is made with red grapes! How unique! Additionally, Son Prim keeps it simple – all single variety wines, with the exception of one blended coupage of that years yields. Every bottle you can tell has been selected for excellence and carefully worked, we saw a testament to this while on tour. The quality control, specifically temperature, is at its max, and it is notable in the finished product. We would be happy seeing someone bring any bottle from Son Prim to a dinner party!


Blanc de Merlot 2012
Grapes: Merlot 100%

Son Prim Blanc de Merlot


Tawnee: A white wine from a red grape! This wine goes directly from fermentation to bottle, but for some reason on the nose I identify a slight woodish aroma. I like it! It has a straw color and is delicious to enjoy sitting on the patio watching the grapes grow.

Merie: Our first wine was the Blanc de Merlot 2012. Exciting for me to taste a white wine from a red grape. So it spent minimal time with its skin and seeds, which gives it a whole new character than what we normally think of a Merlot. This wine is 13.5% alcohol, and a lovely pale yellow. For me it had aromas of the vine wood, but no fruit. The thick tears of alcohol on the glass made me think it would be sweet, but it is not. It is dry, fresh and tart, with notes of black pepper and hints of before-ripe yellow fruit like melon or peach.

Rossat 2013
Grapes: Manto Negro
Other red skinned varieties

Son Prim Rossat


Tawnee: The Manto Negro grape – a staple in the Mallorca Wine Trail. This Rosé goes directly to bottle from the stainless steel tanks. It has a light plum color and tastes of sour apples and prunes. I would love to have tried it with some crackers or cheese. A great wine to serve with the appetizers at a summer party!

Merie: Rossat 2013 is also 13.5% alcohol. The primary grape here is Manto Negro, blended with other of their red varietals for support. No oak with this rosé, it is aged in bottle for a refreshing bright appeal. Wanting to be served chilled, it is nicely dry with aromas again of vine, alcohol, strawberry and pepper. The flavor too is strawberry without sugar, and tart green pepper. As it opened in the heat of the day I detected more aroma, fuller, sweeter (not sugary), maybe plum?

Merlot 2012
Grapes: Merlot 100%

Son Prim Merlot


Tawnee: A cherry in the glass. Now the red Merlot grape in its element – a red wine! This wine is one year in oak. The aromas are of musk and the taste like gummy bears (yes gummy bears!) – smooth and with a dry finish. A great wine to combine with a honey glazed ham, or at a Thanksgiving feast!

Merie: Basking in the sun and loving the view, the third wine we tasted was their Merlot 2012. Aged for one year in French oak, the aroma is of dark forest berries and pepper, the taste dry and oaky. A nice clean Merlot, it presents evenly in the palate, and is lightly robust and fresh.

Syrah 2012
Grapes: Syrah 100%

Son Prim Syrah


Tawnee: This is a great wine – slight aroma of plums and matching in color of the match. This is a wine with character and some acidity, but a smooth and delicious finish.

Merie: The Syrah 2012 is a gorgeous dark color in the glass. I found the opening aroma enticing, mouth watering, perhaps better than the flavor. The flavor is lightly peppery and nicely dry, with subtle but present tannins.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

Son Prim Cabernet Sauvignon


Tawnee: Bacon bits! Yes – the aroma of this wine is bacon bits! It has a bold spicy flavor and deep dark red when poured. Just delicious. It would pair well with grilled pork or a meat and potatoes meal. This is my favorite wine from Son Prim. Of course I bought one to take home!

Merie: Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 is dark, voluptuous wine has notes of dark berries and spices, in both aroma and flavor. It is rich yet bright. Aged in oak, it has the support that lends, but no strong oaky flavor.

Cup 2013
Grapes: Syrah
Cabernet Sauvignon

Son Prim Cup


Tawnee: Coupage – a blend of the three single grape red wines – Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Every year this wine is a different percent of each grape. It is a very deep cherry almost plum color. The aroma is sweet, raisinish with a hint of coffee. It has a full beginning, and is slightly sweeter than the Cabernet Sauvignon that we just tried. I like that it will change every year according to their taste.

Merie: Our last tasting was the Cup Son Prim 2013. Cup is short for coupage, and each year they combine a different selection of grapes depending on the highlights of the harvest. This year their coupage is very berry and chocolate, with bright red fruit notes. Refreshing and dry, well suited to a good meal of meat or red sauces.

Son Prim_7-29-15_#38

Thank you Jaime and Marianne!

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