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“4th generation winemaking brings contemporary standards to a fine tradition!”

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Petra, Mallorca, Spain

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Bodegas Miquel Oliver was founded in 1912 by Melchor Oliver, who began by planting his grapes after the Phylloxera blight.  In 2012, his grandson Miquel and great granddaughter Pilar celebrated their winery’s 100th anniversary in their beautiful old 1868 Petra facility.

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A member of D.O. Pla i Llevant, Bodegas Miquel Oliver currently produces around 220,000 bottles of wine per year. 85% of their wine is sold locally, and the rest is exported to northern countries. 95% of the visitors that come through this winery for sales and tastings are German tourists.  Here on island, their distributor delivers to restaurants, markets, and shops with different bottles going to different markets like Corté Ingles, Eroski, and Al Campo. At the time of this writing they are just finishing a new facility which will bring all production under one roof and they will only keep this historic bodega for special events.

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Señor Miquel Oliver is in his eighties now and mostly retired. The current owner is Pilar, the great-granddaughter of the original Melchor. Sadly for us, Pilar wasn’t there that day to meet; she sounds like an incredible woman. She is the bloodline owner, winemaker, and now innovator. She studied winemaking in Tarragona and then traveled around before perfecting her education and returning home to make wine.The opening summary of their wine tasting booklet sums up the bodega very well:

“By blending the traditional values of a one-hundred year old family cellar with a love of innovation, we’ve succeeded in making wine a form of self-expression.”

Road to Petra

We drove in to Petra via the old road from Sineu, which was lined with lovely rolling fields spotted with hay bales: definitely a suggested drive!  Petra is a historically rich inland town, and the birthplace of recently Sainted Father Junipero Serra, the Franciscan Friar who colonized/converted California through the famous Missions in the mid 1700’s.

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Parking on the tiny urban street, we made our way to the big delivery doors of Bodega Miquel Oliver. We were met by Ana, our tasting host, and she walked us from the office and display rooms, across the tiny street to the beautiful 1868 tasting area and former barrel rooms.

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Taking in the gorgeous vaulted ceilings and barrels lining traditional plaster walls, Ana told us that 2015 is the last year that most of their production will have been done over in Manacor, their barrel aging and bottling done here, and their storage kept elsewhere in Petra. That reminded us of Vins Miquel Gilabert which is also stretched across multiple locations! But in this case, within two weeks of our tasting, a new Bodegas Miquel Oliver facility on the Manacor-Petra road will open and house it all!

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We asked Ana for the deluxe tasting, and she poured us seven wines! Please see our Miquel Oliver Tasting Notes for details.

Miquel Oliver_Wine Selection

As she poured, Ana told us that the varietals they work with are Prensal Blanc, Muscatel, Merlot, Syrah, Callet, Fogoneu, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Manto Negro (which they use only for the Mont Ferrutx Crianza). She told us they put a lot of energy, love, and sweat into raising these grapes and making these wines!

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We learned that currently they are experimenting with new French oak barrels, but the barrels in this tasting room turn out only to be for decoration now. Ana told us they only use their barrels for four years, and then retire them for décor or sale. We asked about a huge old wooden tank standing regally in the corner. Ana told us it was a storage tank, made of Chestnut wood, and she was not sure of its age.

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Further discussing oak barrels, Ana told us that new French oak is intense and in time smooths and matures to the traditional “chocolate- or coffee-like” notes. American oak barrels start with strong tannins, and later impart a softer almost vanilla flavor. Russian oak is more neutral, and Romanian and Hungarian oaks are like milder versions of French. She also told us they use only natural cork from Portugal and Spain.

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Ana told us Bodegas Miquel Oliver is the first bodega to bring stainless steel tanks to the island back in 1986, and that Pilar was the first to make dry Muscatel wine on the island (having learned of it in France when she was apprenticing). As you surely know, the Muscat grape is very sweet and aromatic when ripe, and is usually used to make a sweet aperitif or dessert wine.

Miquel Oliver_Son Caló

We learned that the wines in their Son Caló line are their house-wines for easy drinking with meals. It is named after a beautiful cove on the north of the island, where Tawnee has been by boat, so the Son Caló line resonates with her!

Son Calo Wine at Son Calo Beach
It turns out that this bodega has the majority of its older vines in that area. This is very common as historically, the inland farms were the most valuable for food and feed crops and the coastal properties were for luxury and the summer. Each inland town had a coastal area that the inhabitants visited every summer. Colonia Sant Pere and Son Calo, where Mont Ferrutx is located, is in the summer coastal land of the Petra people. Bodegas Miquel Oliver only just recently started planting in Petra at the new facility.

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For the last few years, making 200,000 liters each year has been quite a big job for a team of only seven people (that number will change in the new facility!) — and they make a large variety of wines too, eleven in total. One of the things we really like about these wines is their character, not only in the flavors, but also in the naming. For example, the names Mont Ferrutx and Ses Ferritges come from the land where the grapes are planted. Another bottle that is unique is named 1912, a Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend made in 2012 as a celebration of their 100 year anniversary. It has a really cool label and we’ve added it to our list of wines to try. They also make a bottle called Xperiment, which is a new experiment every year. They only make 700 bottles, two barrels, so it is always a limited edition!

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Probably the best wine that comes from the bodega is called Aia (which we were not able to taste), and it is named after Pilar’s mother; we love that tradition and ode! All the barrels used for this bottle are new French, American, Russian, Romanian and Hungarian oaks, and we look forward to being able to try it at the new facility! We love all the traditions that this bodega has! Like how the great grandfather Francisco started putting a bottle from each new year under the big Chestnut storage barrel, and they still continue doing it to this day!

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We understand that they were in the process of moving, yet of course we were disappointed not to see and discuss more of the traditional processes of barrel aging and bottling. However Ana was very knowledgeable about the wines! We feel very lucky to have experienced the original bodega as we did; and now look forward to coming back and starting all over again with a tour and tasting at the new Miquel Oliver Winery. One bodega with two stops on our Mallorca Wine Trail!

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Miquel Oliver Map


Driving in direction from Inca to Manacor or visa-versa, you will see the Miquel Oliver bodega on the main road just outside of Petra. You can not miss it!

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Miquel Oliver Wines Tasting

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Wines Tasted:

◊   2 Whites   ◊

Son Caló Blanc 2014
Muscat 2014

◊   2 Rosé   ◊

Alegria 2014
Son Caló Rosat 2014

◊   3 Reds   ◊

Mont Ferrutx Crianza 2010
Ses Ferritges’11 2011
Syrah 2012

Miquel Oliver_Tasting Wines


Miquel Oliver winery blends the past and the present. The bodega owner and wine maker are the same person, Pilar who is a descendant of the founder. She is dedicated to preserving the local wine flavors while incorporating new methods of perfecting taste. All bottles have a special meaning for either the bodega or for the land on which the grapes are grown. We love the connection that it creates when you drink their wine.

Son Caló Blanc 2014
Grapes: Prensal 100%

Son Caló Blanc 2014


Tawnee: A very original wine. It has a straw color and is 23 days in fermentation – no oak. A little sour or like bright lemons. Son Caló is a cove on the Bay of Alcudia. It is just past Colonia San Pere. The grapes come from a farm there. Son Caló Blanc is a great, fresh white for on the boat…in Son Caló.

Merie: Son Caló Blanc 2014 is a lovely dry white is made from Prensal Blanc grapes and is 12.5% alcohol by volume. With great bright aroma, it is tart with citrus notes, brute like a Cava, and crisp.

Muscat 2014
Grape: Muscatel 100%

Collita Muscat 2014


Tawnee: This is probably one of the best wines I have smelled – ever – berry heaven! It is beautiful. It has a good beginning and a dry end. A good different wine, however, I wished it tasted more like it smelled. Lots of character – Miquel Oliver is the first on this island to make a dry muscatel. I love it – A perfect beach wine!

Merie: The Muscat 2014 is a golden white wine, with rich aroma and 13% alcohol by volume. No oak barrel aging. They purposefully use mature, ripe sweet grapes which they ferment until the wine is dry.  By the way, we learned that “collita 2014″ on the bottle means vintage 2014.

Son Caló Rosat 2014
Grapes: Callet

Son Caló Rosat14 2014


Tawnee: A very bright colored rosé. It has strawberry aromas and a fruity flavor. I thought I even tasted banana in it. Both grapes are native to the island and grown in Colonia de San Pere. It is dry and has a solid finish.

Merie: Son Caló Rosat 2014 is a rosé with 13% alcohol by volume, made from local Callet and Fogoneu grapes. This wine has a wonderfully smooth aroma. It is tart and dry, a very refreshing wine with good character.

Alegria 2014
Grapes: Merlot

Collita Alegria 2014


Tawnee: Alegria means happiness in English. And this wine is happy! I detected ripe fruits in the nose. I just love the mono varietals – the difference between a 100% rosé here and the 100% merlot white at Son Prim or their 100% red are very different. It helps to discover the essence of the grape. Perfect for a sip beside the pool at sunset.

Merie: The Alegria 2014 rosé has more alcohol than the previous, 13.5% alcohol by volume, and is made from 100% Merlot grapes. With an aroma of pepper, it is smoother than the Son Caló, dry/brute but not tart. It is eight hours in maceration with its skin and seeds, compared to their red wines, which macerate many days.

Mont Ferrutx 2010
Grapes: Callet
Manto Negro

Mont Ferrutx Crianza 2010


Tawnee: Mont Ferrutx signifies the mountain of Ferrutx. This is a mountain out near Colonia San Pere and has a beautiful hike to the top where you can look out onto the Bay of Alcudia. Why not bring a bottle with you and enjoy it from the top. It is not overbearing and has a spicy flavor. A Mallorquin mix of grapes – a great wine.

Merie: The Mont Ferrutx Crianza 2010 has 13.5% alcohol by volume and is made from local varietals Callet, Fogoneu, and Manto Negro; this is the only wine Miguel Oliver makes with Manto Negro. It spends one year in oak yet is light and tart.

Ses Ferritges 2011
Grapes: Callet
Cabernet Sauvignon

Collita Ses Ferritges’11


Tawnee: The name comes from the word iron – and it is because where these grapes are grown there is a lot of Iron. Another interesting thing about this wine is that it is made in 50% new American oak and 50% used (up to 4 years) French oak. One of my more favorite bottles they make. A bold wine, perfect for a sizzling steak right off the grill.

Merie: Ses Ferritges 2011 is made from Callet, Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. This red has 14.5% alcohol by volume and ages four years in American and French oak: Half the time in new oak, half older oak. It is darker than the Mont Ferrutx, richer, and with aromas of dark berries.

Syrah 2012
Grapes: Syrah 100%

Collita Syrah 2012


Tawnee: This wine they had wanted to call Som- or suenos, which mean dreams, but the name was sadly already taken. This is why there is a moon on the front. In my opinion this is the best wine that I tasted at this bodega! There was no acidic finish. Yum! Yum! It is made with French, American, Russian and Hungarian oak. A great pairing for an oven baked dish or just by itself after a long work day.

Merie: The Syrah 2012 is made from 100% Syrah grapes and is 13.5% alcohol. Ana told us it is aged in French, American, Russian, and Hungarian oak barrels. The aroma is spicy, yet round, with dark fruit notes. The flavor is rich and consistent with aroma, which I always like!

Miquel Oliver_7-29-15_#26

Thank you Ana!

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