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We spent the summer of 2015 on the Spanish island of Mallorca tasting wine and self-educating, and at the end had experienced a life changing adventure with iPhones full of notes and photographs. We didn’t start this Blog to be critics. Tawnee had the great idea to post our experiences, and what we were learning, because we were having so much fun, LOVING Mallorcan wine, and we enjoyed this self-educating process!

Our goal for this Blog is to promote the Mallorcan Wineries and wine region to the English speaking public, learn about wine, and have a good time!


Most of our tours were in Castilian Spanish, with Mallorcan Catalan thrown in! Tawnee is fairly fluent, but Merie is learning, so it was a super stretch. A lot of the people we met are Mallorcan winemakers, not multilingual tour guides, yet I think most of them could have carried most of the conversations in English if necessary. For sure if you follow our footsteps, ask about language, take a translator, or dive in like we did!

Winery Websites

A note about the winery websites: Most of them come up in Spanish, but can be converted to English by touching the British flag icon on the homepage. Truthfully, looking at the wines offered, at photos of their wineries and vineyards, and reading the histories and descriptions is fascinating and worth your time if you are interested. We will put a link with each entry.

Wine Areas

 Geographically, Mallorca is split into 3 main areas: the ‘Tramuntana’ mountain range which runs for 90km along the northwestern coast; the smaller ‘Llevant’ mountains on the southeastern side, and ‘Es Pla’, the large plain which lies between the two. There are two Denominations of Origins: “Denomination of Origin Binissalem” which is the main “wine country” and then the “Denomination of Origin Pla i LLevant” to the south. Outside of those areas, the wineries can join the island-wide organization of “Vi de la Terra Mallorca” indicating Mallorcan terroir, “Vi de Terra Serra de Tramuntana,” and “Ecological Agriculture Products of the Balearic Islands” to be a certified Organic Vineyard.

From the Heart

 I have been protecting the secrecy of this special island for decades. I never told acquaintances much, nor posted pictures, in an effort not to contribute to tourism and negative change. Now sightseers and bicycle riders have discovered Mallorca, partiers and sunbathers, so let the wine tasters find your way here. We only ask that you have a positive impact, save water, recycle, collect trash, help the environment and locals, and don’t tell mediocre people about your discovery.

Note on the our blog

 In our blog pages, we know we won’t have all our facts exactly right – but know that we have been diligent in attempting accuracy. We know we only heard what the winemakers and tour guides wanted us to hear, and that’s mainly what we will share. This was an amazing education in wine and language and one of the best summer projects ever. Going in with no expectation or plans other than to taste new wines, meet new people, and learn, has been a fantastic experience! Please let our words and photographs paint a picture for you of what a great experience it is to come to Mallorca, drink Mallorcan wine, and visit these progressive wineries.

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