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Son Fangos Blanc 2014
Chardonnay 2014

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Son Fangos Rosat 2014

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Son Fangos Negre
Negre de Sa Colònia 2013
Ses Hereves 2007


Vins Toni Gelabert pays attention to detail. The winery building was designed and built down to every detail according to Feng Shui. They farm and harvest according to not only Organic, but also Biodynamic techniques. Biodynamic farming follows the cycles of the moon and has specific hours and days for planting, trimming, harvesting… etc. It is a lot of extra work, but the results can be recognized in the taste of their wines! Their dedication and values set them apart from the other wineries in actions, and in flavor as well. Overall excellence.

Tasting note:
We shared this tasting with a group of German women on holiday here. It cost €20, and included not only expensive bottles from Toni Vins, but also homemade Sobrasada and Mahonese cheese. We tasted in a room that felt like we had been invited into Toni’s house and kitchen, like visiting old friends around the kitchen table and talking about our favorite topic – good wine!


Son Fangos Blanc 2014
Grapes: Prensal (12%), Moscatel

Vinya Son Fangos Blanc


Tawnee: The smell is fabulous! The wine is a pale yellow with a lovely feeling in the mouth and had a nice finish. It is well balanced and yummy. It left me wanting to drink more. A great wine to drink with a good book.

Merie: This white wine is 12% alcohol by volume. A blend of Prensal Blanc and Muscatel. It has a lovely aroma of Muscatel with citrus, light and fresh. When freshly opened, it starts nicely, and finishes slightly tart; then but as it opened the flavors fused, and the chilled, balanced flavors were delicious.


Chardonnay 2014
Grapes: Chardonnay 100%

Cardonnay de Toni Gelabert


Tawnee: This is my favorite Chardonnay! We have a winner in the Mallorca Wine Trail! It is a beautiful golden color and has a nose to match full of golden apples and ripe bananas. It has 5 months in French oak barrel where they batonage it. Batonage is moving of the sediments with a stick. Toni even brought out the stick to show us! This bottle can last for up to 10 years in the bottle. Highly recommended.

Merie: This wine is 14.5% alcohol by volume. It is has 4-5 months fermentation in oak, and I love an oaky Chardonnay! It seems to be a thing of the past, as newer oenologists prefer the brighter flavors of Chardonnays that go direct from stainless tanks to bottle. But not me!


Son Fangos Rosat
Grapes: Callet 50%
Syrah 25%
Merlot 25%

VinsToniGelabert_Vinya Son Fangos rosat


Tawnee: This is a rosé made with all red grapes. The nose is of watermelon. He puts the grapes in full and lets it ferment for a few hours, and then removes the skins etc, before letting it ferment for around a month in stainless steel. The flavor is very subtle, light and enjoyable. This was the German ladies favorite!

Merie: This rosé has a fresh, tart aroma that is mouth watering! It goes straight from stainless tank to bottle, never to oak, and is nicely dry.


Son Fangos Negre
Grapes: Callet 50%
Merlot 25%
Cabernet 25%

Fangos negre


Tawnee: A good red wine. A deep ruby red with a nose of wet earth. I enjoyed the full flavor and body that it had. It is their best seller, and I can see why. It would be great with pork chops.

Merie: This wine is made from 50% Callet grapes, with the other 50% being a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz. It has a very unique aroma of light leather, and fresh fruit with no sweetness. The flavor is classic and balanced with a nice tannin structure.


Negre de Sa Colònia 1013
Grapes: Callet 100%

Negre de sa Colónia


Tawnee: I like this wine! I think it has originality and when you know that Toni has chosen these Callet grapes especially because they are from Sa Colònia to make the 100% Callet wine it makes it even better. He says that the Callet grape can only be grown in that area of Mallorca… and he has proof behind his comment. He also has Callet growing around his bodega and says that it isn’t as good… so he mixes it in his blends. Love the honesty and the experimental truth!

Merie: This red is made from 100% Callet grapes from their vineyard in Colònia San Pedro (Colònia Sant Pere in Mallorquin). It is aged 12 months in French oak barrels. Interestingly, the tannins in this wine were green and we were reminded that ripe seeds produce ripe tannins, and green grapes produce green tannins – so I am guessing these grapes were pressed youngish.


Ses Hereves 2007
Grapes: Cabernet 33%
Merlot 33%
Syrah 33%

VinsToniGelabert_Ses Hereves


Tawnee: This is a classic wine. The nose is of pepper and musk. It has full flavor and body. You can taste the essence of the Mediterranean in it. It is one of Señor Toni’s favorite wines he makes. Perfect to drink with a freshly grilled steak and vegetables.

Merie: This rich red wine is a Reserva, spending 12 months in new French Oak barrels. Vins Toni Gelabert is known for this bottle. The blend is equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah and has a wonderful and distinct aroma of rich ripe northern grapes.

05.08.15 028

Thank you Toni!

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  1. Clive Jones

    Good morning
    We have enjoyed your wines over many years when we visit Mallorca please tell me where we can buy a case of White, Red and import to the uk
    Thank you
    Clive Jones
    P.S. We are in Mallorca 20th to 23rd March 2020 can we visit you .??

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