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Wines Tasted:

◊    2 Whites    ◊

Monte Sion – Blanc de Negre 2013
Stairway to Heaven – Sauvignon Blanc 2014

◊    1 Rosé    ◊

Stairway to Heaven – Rosado 2014

◊    2 Reds    ◊
Stairway to Heaven – Shiraz 2010
Monte Sion – Cabernet 2010

Castell Miquel_7-24-15_#19

Castell Miquel’s owner Professor Popp is a successful scientist and his scientific search for consistency is a common thread in the wines. They believe that wine is medicine and we agree. Castel Miquel has consistent, non overpowering wines that are basically organically grown (awaiting approval). A unique experience up in the southern Serra de la Tramuntana mountains of Mallorca, this tasting room is beautiful both inside and out – overlooking the terraced vineyards and “castle.” It is a very unique experience. We enjoyed not only the wine at the tasting, but also the marmalades made at Castel Miquel. Another unique aspect of this bodega is the glass corks they use.  An unforgettable experience.

Monte Sion- Blanc de Negre 2013
Grapes: Monastrell 100%

Castell Miquel_7-24-15_#16


Tawnee: I love the uniqueness of tasting a white wine made from red grapes. This is a first in our Mallorca Wine Trail! The Monte Sion line from Castell Miquel is grown in Porreres, which is closer to the center of the island and flat lands. Blanc de Negre has a slightly tart taste. It is a stable wine with constant flavor from beginning to end. It would be a great compliment to a vegetarian dish.

Merie: Marta first poured the Blanc de Negre 2013.  It is 100% Monastrell grapes. The name literally means “white of black” and translates as “a white wine made from red grapes that hasn’t been allowed to steep with the red skins and thus the wine has no color.” No oak, straight from stainless tank to bottle, it has a lovely almost imperceptible pinkish hue. Slightly tart in scent and taste, with a flavor of good water; it is lightly thirst quenching.

Stairway to Heaven- Sauvignon Blanc 2014
Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc 100%

Castell Miquel Stairway to Heaven Sauvignon Blanc 2014


Tawnee: Another first on our Mallorcan Wine Trail- Sauvigon Blanc. This was my favorite wine of our tasting! It has floral notes and a dry finish. It is easy to drink -solid and not too boastful. I could easily enjoy it with fresh crab or oysters!

Merie: The 100% Sauvignon Blanc 2014 is 12.5% alcohol by volume.   No oak, straight from stainless to bottle. More fruit and lighter, not sweet, fuller aroma went super well with olive spread and crackers.

Stairway to Heaven- Rosado 2014
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon

Castell Miquel Stairway to Heaven Rosado 2014


Tawnee: The Stairway to Heaven line is from right outside the tasting room door – the terraces (stairs) of the mountainside. This is a rich colored rose – almost strawberry colored, which matches the nose on this wine. It has a delicious beginning, strong middle and a unique finish. It would be great with a salad full of ingredients and/or couscous. 

Merie: The Rosado 2014 is made from a Cabernet and Syrah blend with a lovely rose color. No oak, straight from tank to bottle, with clear aromas of berry. I must say, the flavor was so much better after olive oil than after sweet marmalade, careful how you pair it!

Stairway to Heaven – Shiraz 2010
Grapes: Syrah 100%

Castell Miquel Stairway to Heaven Shiraz 2010


Tawnee: Again a 100% wine – Syrah/Shiraz!  I always savor these opportunities to try and really understand the real nature of the grape. These Syrah grapes have been 12 months in Hungarian oak and 12 months in bottle before being put on the market. Consistent flavor with a beautiful color in glass. I would serve it with pheasant or turkey.

Merie: Next we tried the 100% Shiraz/Syrah grape.  12 months in oak, 12 in bottle. Great aroma, very balanced. At first I did not enjoy the flavor, I found it thin, then disproportionately strong oak flavors overpowering the subtle grape. However, Marta told me to dip a cracker in olive oil and clear my palate, and it really was SO MUCH better after!

Monte Sion- Cabernet 2010
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

Castell Miquel Monte Sion- Cabernet 2010


Tawnee: My favorite grape – Cabernet Sauvignon 100%. This Cabernet had notable consistence and well balanced tannins. The most expressive of the wines at this tasting. Ideal to be paired with veal and buttered vegetables.

Merie: Lastly Marta poured the 100% Cabernet. At 14.6% alcohol, it has a nice aroma, balanced and rounded. At first I found the flavor almost scientifically “middle of the road,” and on the tart side, so I reached for the Olive oil.  After that, nice balanced tannins became obvious.  Interesting!

26.07.15 051

Note: Castel Miquel offers a Cava in their product line, but the cava grapes come from Cataluña and that’s not on our Wine Trail!

26.07.15 052

Thank you Marta!

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