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Santa Maria del Cami, Mallorca Spain

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Owner Andreas Gelabert told us from the beginning that he had very specific ideas about how he wanted to make his wine.  He  looked a long time to find the perfect location to build Bodegas Ángel. Having found it here in the island’s most competitive wine region, he boldly decided not to join the local Binissalem Denomination of Origin because of the restrictive guidelines.  Instead, he elected simply to be a member of the island-wide organization Vi de la Terra Mallorca [wines from the soil/terroir of Mallorca], which allows for more freedom of grape choice. All of the wines he produces are dry, to his personal taste. The winery owns 17.5 hectares of vineyards, and the oldest vines were planted in 1960 on land Andreas bought. He planted new vines in 2006 and 2007, and Bodegas Ángel opened in 2008, which is also the year of their 1st vintage. This year they produced almost 200,000 bottles, including two whites, one rosé, and six reds. The lines are: Angel, Sa Bassetta (which is the name of the vineyard with the oldest vines), and Specialty releases.

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Tawnee was working the hands-free phone in the car to find which wineries in our area were open and accepting tasters. She had wanted to go to Ángel for a long time and luckily, they were open. However, when we got there, owner Andreas Gelabert (not related to the Manacor Gelaberts) was exhausted. He had endured a morning of tour buses and there were empty wine glasses all over the counter and tasting room. He said he couldn’t give us the tour, but if we wanted to hang out with him while he loaded the dishwasher, he’d give us a tasting. We love the individuality of all our tasting experiences!

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The winery name ÁNGEL comes from his names ANdreas GELabert, and he said he came up with it in one of the thousands of hours he spent on his tractor preparing the vineyard. Ingenious! And nicely translatable in both English and Spanish: An angel spirit in both languages, as well as a common first name in Spanish. It is a perfect blend of who he is and what he stands for. Tall and solidly built, Andreas is Mallorcan, yet speaks English fluently. We started the tasting in Spanish and when he heard we were conversing in English – he said “Want to do this in English?” in a startlingly perfect American accent! It turns out he went to school in Texas and California and loved it! In California, a distributor friend dropped off a few cases of different wines at his house one weekend, and with an inquisitive mind he started tasting, and comparing; and the rest is history: He began his understanding of wine by self-educating – like us!

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Andreas started the bodega from personal interest and has a lot to show for it; his intent and interest are palpable from architecture to aroma. His passion is for dry wine, so Andreas is very careful with full yeast fermentation, allowing no residual sugars in the finish. He is refining his wine selection to make only what he considers to be very good wine; so whereas in 2014 he had three whites, this year he produced only two. He pays attention to detail and is willing to sacrifice for perfection… and one feels the nice mix of old world and new world in his character and this bodega. About returning here to start his winery, Andreas said simply “Mallorcan’s always come back. There is nowhere better.” Living in California with the wine hype probably added to his passion for wine at a young age, because it was there that he decided to make a real go at wine making; not everyone can do it and be successful! He received his BA degree in Business, not Oncology, which we are sure helps in his business model and the success of Ángel. There are definitely American notes to all that he has done!

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While pouring, Andreas shared a lot. He told us that Manto Negro grapes give raspberry notes. The local red earth, “Call Vermell” is rich in iron oxide, which contributes to the earthy notes. French Oak is used for notes of chocolate and coffee, while American Oak lends vanilla. This year American Oak was harder to get because the bourbon industry changed their regulations and bought all new barrels, thus reducing supplies drastically.  At Ángel they use 50% American Oak and 50% French Oak. However, Andres said he loves American Oak and purposefully uses it for the vanilla flavors it brings. We are guessing his palate was formed on California wines – and we love that he purposefully brings a little American taste to the island! Finishing up his dishes, and pouring our last tasting, he told us that that most of his local clients are German, English, and Swedish expatriates, and most of the tourists are Scandinavian and German. As evidenced by the large, elegant facility, he clearly has a great business mind as well as a very good palate!

Friday afternoon, sun beating down.
Should be going to the beach, but the Wine Trail is calling
A true Friday arrives in the face of the owner
Dry wines on the humid island

Leaving with bottles in hand to take home, we noticed a single outdoor table set for lunch – and realized sorrowfully that as late as it was, we had been keeping him from his mid-day meal! What a fine gentleman and vintner. And of course, we are already planning to go back again and get a full tour of the beautiful facilities… and looking forward to another great day on our Mallorcan Wine Trail!

Mallorca Wine Trail

Directions:Bodega Angel Map
When you come off the highway- Palma-Alcudia. Take the Exit for Santa Maria/Santa Eugenia. Go in direction of Santa Eugenia. It is on this main road the right hand side coming from Palma and going in direction Santa Eugenia. You can not miss the sign or the beautiful building.

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Bodegas Ángel Wines Tasting

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Wines Tasted

◊   2 White   ◊

Blanc de Blanca 2014
Viogner 2013

◊   1 Rose   ◊

Lua Rosa 2014

◊   2 Red   ◊

Syrah 2010
Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Bodegas Ángel  has a passion for perfection and the recipe to find it.  The wine is a beautiful mix of Mallorcan terroir with an American style ingenuity, inspired from the owner’s many years lived in California.  Dry wine is their forté, and they do it well!

Blanc de Blanca
Grapes: Chardonnay
Prensal Blanc

Bodegas Angel_7-18-15_#7

Tawnee: An excellent wine. Golden in glass – it has a subtle flavor of fruits and is very fresh. There is a dry finish. Crisp and good. It would be an excellent combination with a salad lunch on the patio or with ceviche on the beach.

Merie: We started with the Blanc de Blanca, 12% alcohol by volume, made from Prensal Blanc, Chardonnay, and starting this year with Viognier grapes. The aroma is fresh, light fruit and raisin, the taste bright, yet perhaps a tad tart… with both the whites we tasted, the grapes are carefully separated from the stems before being pressed to ensure purity of fruit flavor.

Grapes: Viognier 100%

Bodegas Angel_7-18-15_#9 

Tawnee: A white in oak – balanced and with character. A great wine to enjoy with a Paella on the beach.

Merie: Next we tried the 100% Viognier. It is 13% alcohol by volume, both oak and bottle aged. It was lovely with a mellow, balanced scent, and a gorgeous dry finish often not found with Viognier.

Lau Rosa
Grapes: Merlot 75%
Manto Negro 25%

Bodegas Angel_7-18-15_#11

Tawnee: The best rosé on island! An almost salmon color – it has an excellent fruity nose with strawberry flavors and a dry finish. It would combine excellently with fish – a delicious addition to a summer meal.

Merie: On to the Rosé, which is 14.5% alcohol by volume. Here too the grapes are de-stemmed before pressing. In 2014 it is 75% Merlot and 25% Manto Negro grape. It is dryer than many Rosé wines in a truly great way, one of the best I’ve had. It is fermented in French oak at least four months until dry, purposefully avoiding residual sugars often found in Rosés. It has a fresh aroma of strawberry, and strawberry notes were also found in the flavor: a nice constancy!

Grapes: Syrah 100%

Bodegas Angel_7-18-15_#12

Tawnee: I always love the 100% wines as I can really begin to understand how the grape is supposed to taste. A solid wine – violet and expressive with subtle notes of berries. The hints of berry sweetness is contrasted beautifully with the dry ending.

Merie: Still clearing glasses from the previous tour, Andreas next poured the Syrah 2010. It is 13.5% alcohol by volume with wonderful aromas and flavors of dark and wild berry. As Andreas put it, the fruit notes are “expressive but not sweet.” It is aged one year in both French and American oak, and then held a minimum of one year in bottle.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

Bodegas Angel_7-18-15_#15

Tawnee: I love a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon! An intense experience with a solid chocolate finish. It was very silky in the mouth. An excellent pairing for sobrassada, the traditional cured meat made on the island, which can be spicy or not. 

Merie: Lastly, Andreas opened a new bottle and poured his Cabernet 2011.   14% alcohol by volume it is perfectly dry. I am reminded that in Mallorca many red wines are 14% alcohol because the sweeter the grapes are at harvest in this sunny climate, the longer it takes to ferment out the sugars, and the more alcohol is generated.  Made of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, this wine was aged one year in French Oak only, and the associated rich aromas are satisfyingly balanced in this super dark berry wine. I bought a bottle and was even more impressed when I drank it at home. I would buy a case without hesitating.

22.0.15 110
Thank you Andreas!

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