Who are we?

Merie Weismiller Wallace

MWW portrait The daughter of writers, I’ve spent decades working as a Unit Still Photographer in the American feature film industry. I’ve also contributed to various publications and gallery exhibits. I got my Masters degree from USC Film School, and have since worked around the world with noted filmmakers (Clint Eastwood, James Cameron, Alexander Payne, Kathryn Bigelow, Sam Raimi, and Terrence Malick) including all Stills on the fabulous wine movie “Sideways!”

I’m a member of the Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers (SMPSP), and served as President for two years. I was one of nine semifinalists in the competitive Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, from a group of 1,400 entries. I have also published articles in magazines, and resume my love of writing here. Please visit www.meriewallace.com to see samples of my professional photographic work.

Tawnee and I shot most of the images in this blog on our iPhones, for memories and reference only – sorry! We didn’t realize we’d need professional quality: We didn’t decide to blog and post until after we tasted at our first 17 wineries!

Tawnee Hensel

Tawnee bioI am a Canadian living in Mallorca. My love story with wine started with my first alcoholic drink- white wine. As I grew, my pallet grew too into rosé, reds and tawny port. I am passionate about doing things from the heart. I love learning. Life is too short to not discover something new every day. Since I realized that wines weren’t going to be disappearing from my life, I decided I need to know and understand everything about them.

I graduated from high school in Canada and I went to university in Florida and North Carolina on a full ride Division 1 scholarship for volleyball and received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors. I became a biologist and worked as a stem cell researcher, a genetic food-crop modifier, a high school teacher and a wine bar server. By this time, I was a full on red wine lover!

Currently I have a center where I help home schooled children on their educational path in Mallorca, Spain. I am now officially studying Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and independently, wine. I wanted discovery learning- hence the summer of 2015’s adventure of researching, visiting wineries and tasting wines throughout the island with Merie. We self-educated, asked lots of questions and now are compiling our thoughts and adventures into a permanent memory- a blog. Visiting Mallorcan wineries is real life learning. AND I LOVE IT!  As a Canadian living in Mallorca, I really appreciate the opportunity of having access to so many different wineries in such a small radius and on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

Please understand that Merie and I have no prior education on wine other than our drinking it and that all our comments and personal smell and taste judging are all amateur, simple and will change as we learn. We are looking to understand the full spectrum of wine. We hope you decide to learn with us about the magnificent last Spanish wine frontier of Mallorca.

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