Miquel Oliver Wines Tasting

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Wines Tasted:

◊   2 Whites   ◊

Son Caló Blanc 2014
Muscat 2014

◊   2 Rosé   ◊

Alegria 2014
Son Caló Rosat 2014

◊   3 Reds   ◊

Mont Ferrutx Crianza 2010
Ses Ferritges’11 2011
Syrah 2012

Miquel Oliver_Tasting Wines


Miquel Oliver winery blends the past and the present. The bodega owner and wine maker are the same person, Pilar who is a descendant of the founder. She is dedicated to preserving the local wine flavors while incorporating new methods of perfecting taste. All bottles have a special meaning for either the bodega or for the land on which the grapes are grown. We love the connection that it creates when you drink their wine.

Son Caló Blanc 2014
Grapes: Prensal 100%

Son Caló Blanc 2014


Tawnee: A very original wine. It has a straw color and is 23 days in fermentation – no oak. A little sour or like bright lemons. Son Caló is a cove on the Bay of Alcudia. It is just past Colonia San Pere. The grapes come from a farm there. Son Caló Blanc is a great, fresh white for on the boat…in Son Caló.

Merie: Son Caló Blanc 2014 is a lovely dry white is made from Prensal Blanc grapes and is 12.5% alcohol by volume. With great bright aroma, it is tart with citrus notes, brute like a Cava, and crisp.

Muscat 2014
Grape: Muscatel 100%

Collita Muscat 2014


Tawnee: This is probably one of the best wines I have smelled – ever – berry heaven! It is beautiful. It has a good beginning and a dry end. A good different wine, however, I wished it tasted more like it smelled. Lots of character – Miquel Oliver is the first on this island to make a dry muscatel. I love it – A perfect beach wine!

Merie: The Muscat 2014 is a golden white wine, with rich aroma and 13% alcohol by volume. No oak barrel aging. They purposefully use mature, ripe sweet grapes which they ferment until the wine is dry.  By the way, we learned that “collita 2014″ on the bottle means vintage 2014.

Son Caló Rosat 2014
Grapes: Callet

Son Caló Rosat14 2014


Tawnee: A very bright colored rosé. It has strawberry aromas and a fruity flavor. I thought I even tasted banana in it. Both grapes are native to the island and grown in Colonia de San Pere. It is dry and has a solid finish.

Merie: Son Caló Rosat 2014 is a rosé with 13% alcohol by volume, made from local Callet and Fogoneu grapes. This wine has a wonderfully smooth aroma. It is tart and dry, a very refreshing wine with good character.

Alegria 2014
Grapes: Merlot

Collita Alegria 2014


Tawnee: Alegria means happiness in English. And this wine is happy! I detected ripe fruits in the nose. I just love the mono varietals – the difference between a 100% rosé here and the 100% merlot white at Son Prim or their 100% red are very different. It helps to discover the essence of the grape. Perfect for a sip beside the pool at sunset.

Merie: The Alegria 2014 rosé has more alcohol than the previous, 13.5% alcohol by volume, and is made from 100% Merlot grapes. With an aroma of pepper, it is smoother than the Son Caló, dry/brute but not tart. It is eight hours in maceration with its skin and seeds, compared to their red wines, which macerate many days.

Mont Ferrutx 2010
Grapes: Callet
Manto Negro

Mont Ferrutx Crianza 2010


Tawnee: Mont Ferrutx signifies the mountain of Ferrutx. This is a mountain out near Colonia San Pere and has a beautiful hike to the top where you can look out onto the Bay of Alcudia. Why not bring a bottle with you and enjoy it from the top. It is not overbearing and has a spicy flavor. A Mallorquin mix of grapes – a great wine.

Merie: The Mont Ferrutx Crianza 2010 has 13.5% alcohol by volume and is made from local varietals Callet, Fogoneu, and Manto Negro; this is the only wine Miguel Oliver makes with Manto Negro. It spends one year in oak yet is light and tart.

Ses Ferritges 2011
Grapes: Callet
Cabernet Sauvignon

Collita Ses Ferritges’11


Tawnee: The name comes from the word iron – and it is because where these grapes are grown there is a lot of Iron. Another interesting thing about this wine is that it is made in 50% new American oak and 50% used (up to 4 years) French oak. One of my more favorite bottles they make. A bold wine, perfect for a sizzling steak right off the grill.

Merie: Ses Ferritges 2011 is made from Callet, Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. This red has 14.5% alcohol by volume and ages four years in American and French oak: Half the time in new oak, half older oak. It is darker than the Mont Ferrutx, richer, and with aromas of dark berries.

Syrah 2012
Grapes: Syrah 100%

Collita Syrah 2012


Tawnee: This wine they had wanted to call Som- or suenos, which mean dreams, but the name was sadly already taken. This is why there is a moon on the front. In my opinion this is the best wine that I tasted at this bodega! There was no acidic finish. Yum! Yum! It is made with French, American, Russian and Hungarian oak. A great pairing for an oven baked dish or just by itself after a long work day.

Merie: The Syrah 2012 is made from 100% Syrah grapes and is 13.5% alcohol. Ana told us it is aged in French, American, Russian, and Hungarian oak barrels. The aroma is spicy, yet round, with dark fruit notes. The flavor is rich and consistent with aroma, which I always like!

Miquel Oliver_7-29-15_#26

Thank you Ana!

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