Vins Ca’n Novell Tasting

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Wines Tasted:

◊   2 Whites   ◊

Xardone 2014
Es Vermadors

   ◊   1 Rosé   ◊

Es Vermadors

◊   1 Red   ◊

É Roure

Vins Ca'n Novell

Vins Ca’n Novell is Mallorca Profunda – authentic Mallorca! They have stuck to tradition and kept prices down. Their wines are excellent for their prices. You can fill up the bottles from your house, or come and buy a bottle from them. Both options are economical and delightful to drink. In keeping with their love of tradition, the majority of their wines are made with local grapes. How lovely to see enthusiasm for tradition. Vins Ca’n Novell and Andreu are bubbling with enjoyment for Mallorca and Mallorcan wine.

Grapes: Chardonnay

Vins Ca'n Novell_Xardoné

Tawnee: This Chardonnay is one of the better ones on the island! It didn’t have the unpleasant finish that I do not like in a Chardonnay. Perhaps my search has found a winner! Additionally, it is unbeatable at Ca’n Novell prices! Happy taste buds and happy wallet = happy Tawnee. Enjoyable anywhere, it is fresh and pleasant for a hot summer day.

Merie: The first splash from the Xardoné (Mallorcan for Chardonnay of course) was tasty!  Using 100% Chardonnay grapes it is a “vino jovenes” a young wine, so no Oak and going straight form stainless to bottle; fresh and appetizing with just the right amount of tartness to make the mouth water on a hot day.

Es Vermadors Blanc
Grapes: Prensal Blanc

Vins Ca'n Novell_Es Vermadors Blanc
Tawnee: I am beginning to appreciate this grape. It is fresh and delightful in the mouth. A delicious addition to summer salad, or paired with zesty chicken.

Merie: Es Vermadors’ Prensal Blanc grapes are also known as Moll grapes in Mallorcan. This is a nice light and refreshing wine. It has slightly more white-fruit notes than Chardonnay, but is not sweet.

Es Vermadors Rosé
Grapes: Manto Negro

Vins Ca'n Novell_Es Vermadors Rosé

Tawnee: An authentic Mallorcan wine with Manto Negro and Callet grapes. This is a very distinct rosé. Perhaps my love of the Chardonnay made me not enjoy it as much as I could have. The name from this line from Ca’n Novell is Es Vermadors – in Mallorcan, a Vermador is a person who picks the grapes during harvest season; a fitting name for an authentic Mallorcan wine!

Merie: Es Vermadors Rosé is a blend from two local red grapes, Manto Negro and Callet. This wine is a testament to the quality of these grapes, which are often supported by foreign varietals! Very refreshing and appetizing!

É Roure
Grapes: Merlot

Vins Ca'n Novell_é Roure

Tawnee: An instant buy to try at home. This was written in the Mallorcan ABC magazine as Vins Ca’n Novell’s best wine, and I had to try it, it being their best and most expensive yet so reasonably priced – it was a no-brainer. I served it on my terrace one late afternoon. It held its own and was very enjoyable.

Merie: Andreu apologized that he didn’t have enough bottles left in stock to open one that late in the day for two people, so we didn’t try it in the tasting. He showed us a review in a magazine featuring the best of Mallorca, and it called this wine worth five times the price! So, untasted we each bought a bottle!  Andreu said not to let it get too warm, to “drink it a little fresh.” Oops, I opened it at an outdoor lunch in a heat wave after a bottle of chilled Son Vives Juxta Mar — and I loved it! My husband didn’t. However he had it again that evening with steak and said that after breathing, and with red meat, it was wonderful. It is the kind of hearty, rich red I live for.

29.08.15 244 copy
Thank you Andreu!

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