Son Bordils Wine Tasting

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Wines Tasted:

◊   3 Whites   ◊      

Blanc de Raim Blanc 2014
Chardonnay 2014
Muscat 2014

      ◊   1 Rose   ◊  

Rosat 2014

◊   4 Reds   ◊

Merlot 2007
Cabernet 2007
Bisbals 2008
Negre 2010

Son Bordils wine tasted

We learned that all Finca Son Bordils whites and rosés are young, with no time in oak barrels, and that they mainly produce mono-varietal wines and only 2 blends.  Again, Ramón was meticulous on the temperature of the pour and firsts sips.

Blanc de Raim Blancs 2014

Grapes: Premsal

Son Bordils Blanc de Blancs

Tawnee: This is the best white from the bodega. My absolute favorite! I don’t know what it is going on with me, but this summer I am loving whites! This is a very common name and today for the first time, I find out why it is called Blanc de Blancs – it is a white wine made from a white grape! Of course, but if nobody ever told me, I never would have guessed it!

Merie: First Ramón poured the Blanc de Raim Blanc of 100% Prensal Blanc grapes.  Prensal Blanc is believed to have been on island since the Phoenicians in BC so it is considered “naitive.”  It has a pleasing light tropical and citrus aroma, with good fruit taste.  Ramón called it “fresco.”  Unexpectedly, this was our favorite of everything we tasted today and we each went home with a bottle.


Chardonnay 2014

Grapes: Chardonnay 88%
Reisling 8%
Viognier 4%

Son Bordils ChardonnaySon Bordils Chardonnay Back

Tawnee: I am in search of a Chardonnay that I like, this one was good, but not exquisite for my taste. Here is an example of how the bodega can put the name Chardonnay on the bottle, but not have 100% single grape.

Merie: The Chardonnay came next.  It is titled Chardonnay on the label because it meets the DO requirement of 85% Chardonnay grapes, but in fact this bottle was 88% Chardonnay, and 12% Riesling and Viognier to bolster the Chardonnay to their taste.  It is lovely and full-bodied with bright ripe fruit – no oak!  A good friend of mine who lives in London phone-orders several cases of this wine each year before summer starts, and it’s delivered to their Mallorcan mountain casa when they first arrive!

Moscat 2014
100% Moscat,
(but different varieties)
Moscatel de Grano Menudo
Moscatel de Frontignan,
Muscat d’Alsace or Moscato d’Asti.

Son Bordils Moscat

Tawnee: I like that this wine is with the name Muscat, but that it has many different types of Muscat grape. I like the originality of the name and the flavor.

Merie: The Muscat is nicely dry, not a sweet desert wine, with the unmistakable flavor and aroma of this famous grape.  I loved this!

Rosat 2014
Monastrell 52%
Merlot 48%

Son Bordils RosatSon Bordils Rosat back

Tawnee: This is my second favorite wine from Son Bordils. An excellent rose to accompany summer lunches.

Merie: This Rossat rosé is made from two red grapes, 52% Monastrell and 48% Merlot grapes and has a classic dark pinky-orange appearance.  The aroma was fine, but the taste was better!  Normally they make two Rosés, one 100% Monastrell and one 100% Merlot, but this year the yield was low so they made a blend of the two to good effect.

Merlot 100%

Bordils Merlot26.07.15 081

Tawnee: As the bottle breathed, the flavors opened up. A very good red wine, full of flavor and body.

Merie: Next Ramón poured the 100% Merlot and I really wanted some cheese and crackers to go with this lovely wine.  The aromas were nice, the flavors better.

Cabernet Sauvingon
Grapes: 100% Cabernet Sauvingon

Cab Sav frontSon Bordils Cabernet

Tawnee: I am beginning to see I like Cabernet Sauvingon. A solid, bold experience.

Merie: The Cabernet had a gorgeously balanced aroma and body, and the finish very clean, a really nice staple wine.

Grapes: Merlot
Manto Negro
Cabernet Sauvingon

Bordils Bisbal frontBordils Bisbal back

Tawnee: I like it! It has a very unique flavor- spicy and meaty. The name comes from the special name of the pine forest on Son Bordils- Ses Bisbals- which is like a bishop, and is fitting because it is where the little church is on the land.

Merie: Next Ramón poured us Bisbals, named after the old island Finca/farm house estate.  It is a blend of Merlot, Manto Negro (another “native grape”), and Cabernet, with 14.5% vol. and a nice tannin structure.  The aftertaste lingers and makes you want another sip.

Grapes: Manto Negro
Cabernet Sauvignon

Bordils NegreBordils Negre Back

Tawnee: Full of ripe red fruits and fennel. This is a great dinner wine at a great price!

Merie: On to their Negre (which means black in Mallorcan but is used to mean red in wines).  14.5% vol., 18 months in American, French, and Hungarian Oak barrels.  It is a blend of Manto Negro, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Callet (again, native).  They recommend it is best served at a cool 17-18° Celsius (62-64° F).  Dryer than the Bisbals, Ramón told us that the Callet grape has balsamic flavors when the vines are young.  He tasted with us and perceived flavors of red fruits, licorice/fennel, and toasty cocoa.  Yum.

Son Bordils Ramon

Thank you Ramon!

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  1. Hal

    Congratulations to you both for such a wonderful blog.
    You have created a delightful way to let both locals and visitors know more about the variety of, the quality of and the history of Mallorcan wines and you are doing it such a way that it is more easily understood and appreciated.
    Looking forward to the future!

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